Unglued - Lysa TerKeurst

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We’ve been fortunate to work on projects that have allowed us to film in Israel, England, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Greece, Turkey and Africa.  But I think our favorite, by far, was Florence, Italy.  That’s where we spent a week filming Unglued with Lysa TerKeurst.

One of the things we’re really good at is finding and acquiring permission to film in beautiful, sacred, unique, historical and very remote locations.  But for Unglued, we scored the location of a lifetime.

To set up the premise of the curriculum Lysa tells the story of the unfinished works of Michelangelo.  How the statues were doomed to stay trapped in the stone forever.  She contrasts that with The David, perhaps Michelangelo’s greatest work, where the stone gave way and revealed a figure of beauty, grace and majesty.

I think you know where we’re headed on this… We were able to secure four uninterrupted hours of filming time with the statue of David.  Just us, the author and one disinterested security guard.  Awesome is an overused word.  But not in this case!

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