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The Storm Inside - Sheila Walsh

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When you work with 52 Watt Studios you soon learn that we go all in – all the time.  For Sheila Walsh’s book The Storm Inside, we wanted to find a location in the middle of Texas that said, “I’ve seen more than a few F5 tornado’s in my time.”  And we found it! About 40 miles outside of Austin. In the middle of nowhere… No restaurants, no stores, no nothin’.

In true cowboy fashion, at dawn’s first light, us 52 Watter’s fired up the chuck wagon and served up some tasty home-cooked grub.  Then we’d ride the video range, chasing storm clouds, dilapidated old farm houses and deserted single track roads that went nowhere.  At sundown, we’d shake off the day’s dust and rustle up some sweet barbeque with all the fixin’s and then keep on shooting till the short hours of the mornin’.

Throw in herding some errant horses and chasing off snakes and by the end of the trip us city slickers had earned our “cowboy” merit badges.  And we had amazing, heart-felt stories of loss and redemption from Sheila that matched the desolate and sparse landscape we had filmed. 

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