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The Daniel Plan

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Saddleback Church has been a “Purpose Driven” innovator and leader in building strong community models for the modern church.  Their newest project is an attempt to consolidate their various efforts over the years into one, comprehensive program called, The Daniel Plan.

The Daniel Plan asks us to consider living a more holistic and complete Christian life by focusing on the five f’s – Faith, Focus, Friends, Food and Fitness.

We spent two weeks in sunny southern California filming teaching sessions with food and fitness experts, life-style coaches and leading Christian thinkers.  A normal day was 3 - 4 set/location changes, 8-10 interviews and a bunch of demonstration B-roll.  Whew, we’re burning calories just remembering!

On the Post side we organized and distributed all this content onto five, four session DVD’s.  It was the equivalent of creating 20, half-hour long TV talk shows.

The Daniel Plan’s TV style production demands definitely gave our 52-watt muscles a workout… but we enjoy staying in shape and climbing new mountains!


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