The Broken Way-Ann Voskamp

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Whenever we get to work with Ann Voskamp we know it will be a special project.  Her phrasing is thoughtfully poetic, which gives us so much room to capture stories metaphorically and really push our creativity to another level.  The Broken Way is about our journey as Christians that is not always pretty and sometimes can be brutal.  But there is beauty in the struggle.

Our pre-production team found some amazing locations to be the backdrop of Ann’s stories, even though it was an international shoot, Oh Canada!  We filmed on sweeping farmlands, decaying church grounds, and in rustic barns.  Each location was more breathtaking then the last.  We were able to focus on a grand scale with drone shots over the countryside revealing the majesty of God’s creation thanks to our talented drone operator! In contrast to the expansive wheat fields, Ann focuses on the smallest things to find true meaning. The memorable vignettes we shot helped to produce recounted stories of her own life and focused in on those small things in beautiful ways.

52 Watt Studios collaborated from the very beginning with the creative all the way through to postproduction and delivery on this artfully done product. The Broken Way is a project we are extremely proud to be a part of, not only because of the work we provided but the message from our author.  And who can say no to another run to Tim Hortons, eh?

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