Surprised By Hope - N.T. Wright

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In an article published a couple of years ago Newsweek magazine called NT Wright “the world's leading New Testament scholar.”  After working with him on the curriculum for his book Surprised By Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church, we call him “one cool dude!”  At the time NT was the archbishop of Durham with a residence in the Auckland castle in northern England.

We set up our cameras in his library, surrounded by 500 year old books, as NT taught from a rocking chair situated next to a stone fireplace, the sound of a crackling fire matching the cadence of his crisply articulated theology.  Kinda cool!  But it gets better… The next day we walk the grounds of the castle with him as he riffs and lay’s down weighty blocks of content.  Camera guys working overtime as we walk past stone structures that sheltered royal deer, stately trees that shaded dukes and duchesses and languid streams that cooled the feet of tired bishops.

But our time machine experience was really tested later that afternoon when we filmed him in the chapel of the Escomb Saxon Church, built in 670 AD!!!  To be standing on the grounds of a 1,300 year old building, filming the world’s leading theologian – well, that’s pretty cool!

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