One Thousand Gifts - Ann Voskamp

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The sun, a large over-ripe orange rolled across the Canadian sky leading us towards golden fields of rolling wheat soldiers, marching with One Thousand Gifts towards the single standing farm house, 43 degrees north, 80 degrees west –  as the crow flies.

We headed into northern Ontario to work with Ann VosKamp, author of the best selling book, One Thousand Gifts.  Ann writes like a poet, a cross between the stream of conscious writes of Jack Kerouac and the spiritual intensity of St. Francis of Assisi.  You’d expect her to live in NYC, in an artist loft on the lower east side.  No way.  She’s a farmers wife with 6 kids she homeschools, made-from-scratch bread maker and as down to earth as they come.

Our crew spent three days as one of the family, breaking bread with them, laughing, playing and sharing stories and in the end we came back to the edit suite with the most honest and at the same time deep and poetic content we have ever shot.

And the postproduction team stayed true to what we experience in the field. The final product was not a product, but a gift of love from Ann to anyone who would someday experience the curriculum.


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