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Reinventing the way small group curriculums are made has been a dream come true for us at 52 Watt as we worked closely with Zondervan’s curriculum team to create a brand new series called Known By Name.  This three DVD series, with more to come in the future, was a labor of love for all involved.  Creating a template that will be used in future projects created a challenge that we were excited to embark on.  We knew we had to put in the time to make sure everything was future proofed to lay a strong foundation for lasting  brand. These first three DVDs covered the lives of Hagar, Naomi, and Rahab, women that aren’t often studied from the pulpit.  With engaging teaching from Jada Edwards and Kasey Van Norman we captured their personal connections to these Biblical women with the added twist of dramas brought to us by seasoned dramatist Nicole Johnson. 

 From preproduction through final delivery we knew this was a special project and loved bringing Zondervan’s vision to life.  From creative locations, managing a demanding shoot schedule with multiple crews in multiple locations all in just a few days with all of our talent, to the edit which created a polished piece we all were moved by.  It gave us chills!

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