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Jesus Prom - Jon Weece

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Road trip!  Lexington, Kentucky is only 7 hours from our West Michigan offices, so we packed all the gear in the van and headed down to film pastor Jon Weece and some of his interesting friends.

There was Danny, a mentally handicapped middle aged man, living with thousands of record albums that he calls friends and has memorized – front to back.  Then there was Deanna, a former porn star who was recruited into the business when she was still in high school.  Rebecca, a mom of 10 children, eight of them adopted and with special needs.  Bill, a basketball legend on the mean streets of NY, who had a shot at the NBA until drugs and injury ruined his career.  And finally Brewster, an eccentric youth Pastor who thought up this crazy idea to have a “Jesus Prom” at his church and invite people society shuns and ignores to be the guests of honor.

The story development challenge we faced in this project was the same we all face in life – to go beyond simple outside appearances and find the inner beauty, the inner story.   And that’s what we did.

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