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I'll Say Yes

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Every year thousands of young cinematographers, directors, set designers and actors flock to New York and Los Angeles looking for their big break!  They know that to live and work in one of those places is to be in the mecca of the film-making world.

A few years ago the pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle said to us, “I live in New York, you’d think I could find plenty of local production companies to work with!  But I’ve got to go all the way to Grand Rapids to find one that actually gets us, who can tell our story.”

I’ll Say Yes is one of 3 documentaries we’ve done for BT in the last six years.  All of them are filled with the amazing music of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and mean street stories of redemption from some of the most scarred, broken, honest and joyous people we have ever met.

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