Glory Days - Max Lucado

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The project was called Glory Days. And when you work with Max Lucado, that’s what it feels like.  Inspired storytelling is Max’s forte and our latest project with him was no exception.

To make this project really sing we felt like we needed to find a creative red thread that Max could really sink his teeth into.  After several brainstorming sessions with Max and our team we came up with the idea of tying Glory Days, the Biblical story of Joshua, Ellis Island and the Great American Immigration of the early 1900’s into poignant saga of loss, escape, redemption and resolve.

We found a museum that had recreated a big city block from the early 1900’s.  The brownstone with the porch stoop, the clothier, the pharmacy, hardware store and print shop – it was all there – and cobblestone streets and old lampposts framed the images perfectly, creating a soft vignette around every historically accurate detail.

Max wove his way through the streets, his stories taking us back in time… Connecting a lonely, searching immigrant to the wandering tribe of Israel in one scene and the welcoming sight of Ellis Island to the promised land homecoming in the next.  Storytelling at it’s finest and we were fortunate enough to be given the task of bringing these glorious stories to light.


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