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It’s safe to say we’ve intentionally avoided the slo-mo craze that hit the production industry a few years ago.  It always looks beautiful and emotive, but we kinda felt like it really should be saved for special circumstances, for the right project.  Exercise Our Spirit was that project for us.  We were asked to develop a :60 second PSA for Our Daily Bread, focusing on the practice of spiritual discipline.  We used three iconic exercise examples to represent three iconic cornerstones of a solid spiritual discipline program.  And we used slo-mo to crystalize the key discipline actions in each exercise moment-

Resolve… a weightlifter uses repetition to build muscle, muscle that will make them stronger and build endurance.

Focus… a gymnast’s concentration and focus allows them to bend their body to their will, to train the body to follow the mind.

Perseverance… a runner goes the distance. A runner doesn’t let mile 3’s difficulty stop them from reaching mile 4 and eventually the finish line.

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