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In every form of modern communication we are surrounded by typefaces.   Have you ever wondered who came up with those individual typefaces?  Or more importantly, what drives the creators to invent a typeface in just a particular way?  Is there some great passion that pushes them to strive for something new and better for the reader?  In short, YES!   

We partnered with HarperCollins' video production team and Zondervan Bible's Marketing team to develop a behind-the-scenes look at the heart of a proprietary typeface for Thomas Nelson KJV and NKJV Bibles as well as Zondervan's NIV translation.  The team at 2K/DENMARK is filled with talented designers who made this new typeface for Comfort Print® Bibles come to life and gave us a lot of inspiration!

When we were first introduced to this project we had no idea the depth of passion these designers at 2K/DENMARK have for their work. Their drive for excellence combined with that of HarperCollins Christian Publishing made for an amazing collaboration.  The 52 Watt team developed the creative writing along with postproduction efforts including edit, color, graphics and music score.  One of our favorite aspects of this piece were the fluid 2D animations that we developed to highlight the power of the written word.  

Here is the rest of the collection that we partnered on for this marketing effort.  These short films go even more in-depth on the process of developing a new typeface:

Comfort Print® Marketing Teaser

NIV Bible Font History

NKJV Bible Font History

KJV Bible Font History 

Hccp Font Video 3 Block No Top Or Bottom Pad

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