All In - Mark Batterson

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All In was about a great author with a great story to tell, great old-world style cinematography and world-class motion graphics and editing.  But mostly it was about – Locations!  The author, Mark Batterson likes to weave history into his stories as a way of illustration and to drive home a particular point.  For this curriculum we put on our mid 19th century thinking caps and with some diligent research and a little bit of luck came up with what we think is our best single set of red thread locations.  All based on the American Civil War.

–Little Round Top, the site of one of the fiercest battles of the Civil War.  We hired a Civil War historian to help us find just the right locations to film.

The USS Constellation, an 1854 sloop of war, we had the ship to ourselves and were able to film in areas usually roped off from the public.

The Pry House Field Hospital Museum was perhaps the coolest.  Located on a hill above the Antietam Battlefield, we shot scenes of a traditional cabinet maker, crafting a pine-box coffin using pine planks and hand tools – just as it would have been done 150 years earlier.

The Billy Goat Trail took us up to the Potomac River.  It was spring and the river ran fast, hard and wild.  During the Civil War, the Potomac traced the border between the Union and Confederate states.

We went “All In” to connect these locations and weave that Civil War era feel through the entire curriculum.  In the end, as a viewer you feel that connection and relationship between unique stories that share a common thread – a red thread.


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