24/6 - Matthew Sleeth

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Matthew Sleeth is one of our favorite people.  The former director of ER at a large hospital in Maine, Matthew gave it all up to live a simpler life.  He had come to believe that God wanted us to care for the planet he has created for us, not ruin it in the pursuit of our own goals and desires.

We first worked with Matthew on the start> Project.  In classic Matthew fashion he’s meeting us for the first time AND volunteering his time, but he insists we stay at his home where he and his wife Nancy serve up home-cooked meals and treat us like family!

For Matthew’s latest project, 24/6, we travelled to his old stomping grounds – Maine. We found a small woodshop on a remote fingerling of land thrust out on one of the many northern Maine bays.  In the golden sawdust filtered light we felt more like apprentices at the masters feet and not seasoned cinematographers, as Matthew slowly and carefully crafted an Adirondack chair from scratch and taught on the importance of finding a day for God, a day for rest, a day to keep holy, a Sabbath day.

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