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Planned spontaneity

We love to be creative and spontaneous on set.  That means strategy and planning.  When you strategize and plan, you buy the time and freedom for creating memorable experiences and capturing stunning visuals.

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We’re cross-disciplined and we like to work smart and hard.  We’ve managed crews from a single interview subject to large multi-camera setups, audiences, events, and concerts.

We love finding unique locations that compliment the stories.  All across the globe – from New York City, DC, Dallas, Portland, Nashville, London, Paris, Cape Town, Berlin, Jerusalem and Florence, to our home in West Michigan, we have the practical knowledge and experience that will make it happen.

And our team understands what it means to be on time, respect the people you’re working with and leave a location in the same, or better condition as you found, no matter where or what the project demands.  

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