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Artists at work

The plan was made, the footage was shot.  Now the sculptor must reveal the story.   Cut it, shape it, smooth it, step back and review it – and then back to work again, until the block of stone is no longer stone – but a story! 

We use the metaphor of a sculptor for our Post Production Services because it so perfectly mirrors the Post Production tradition we practice at 52 watt Studios.  

Web Project Body 3 Block Square Postproduction 1Our post production team is like a workshop of skilled craftsmen, proficient in the arts of editing, sound post and motion graphics.   And like a sculptor, we choose the tools that perfectly fit each job. Chisel and hammer… muscle and patience… skill and vision.

There is no escaping the fact that Editing is heavy work.  Miles of footage to wade through, countless sequencing options.   It takes some serious muscle to be a good editor.  But we like working out and building muscle. And we’re patient.  Very patient.  We’ve sculpted by sunlight, by moonlight and in the quiet hours of dawn just before the project is due.   And we’re OK with that.

A sculptor’s skill and vision is found in the sacred trinity of hand, mind and heart.  At 52 Watt Studios we firmly believe in that trinity philosophy.  To be successful all three must work together as one entity and at the same time all three have an equally important part to play individually.

The heart to discover and possess the story… the mind to conceive a plan to execute the story… and the hands the instrument to deliver the story.

Web Project Body 5 Block Ppr