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It's the air we breathe

At the heart of every story is an idea, a singular expression of the human heart.  Our job is to take that idea and wrap it with a creative skin that makes it more then an idea – makes it a story.
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How do we do that? What 13-step, highly-sophisticated process do we use to extract the creative essence of each
story?  Well it doesn’t work that way for us.  Sometimes it’s an idea thrown across the hallway and ping-ponged back and forth that afternoon.  Sometimes it’s the 8pm group texting idea.  Sometimes it’s a solo performance, fully birthed right from the start.  And sometimes it is that formal “creative meeting” with goals and objectives.

The point is… creative thinking infuses every thing we do.  It’s the air we breath.  We never stop thinking creatively.  We’re always trying to find a way to get those 2 extra watt’s into every project!  

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