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52 Watt Studios Services

production motion graphics sound design editing creative Learning Design
 Production Motion Graphics Sound Design Editing Creative Learning Design

Sharpened skills

To create great stories you need some really good storytellers.  Some of that ability is rooted in a natural aptitude for creating compelling stories out of the most common details.  And some of that expertise is only realized after years of sharpening skills to a razors edge.  We believe we bring a good measure of both to the services we offer at 52 Watt Studios.

Our team includes dedicated project managers, producers, directors, cinematographers, writers, motion graphic artists and editors.  And we’re completely comfortable plugging in at any point in the process – from initial creative to distribution strategies.

We go wherever that story leads us.  From our home in West Michigan, to locations around the globe – New York City, Boston, DC, Seattle, Dallas, Portland, Nashville, London, Paris, Cape Town, Berlin, Jerusalem and Florence we’ve gathered stories that taught, that inspired, that delivered hope and truth to millions of people around the world.

Your story is important to us.  Very important.   As a team we promise to use all of our creativity and skills to weave your story into a message that captures the heart of everyone who watches.

Please take a closer look at the particular expertise we bring to every project.

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