About 52 Watt Studios

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Who or What is a 52 Watt Studios?  Well we are storytellers.  We use sound and light to tell our stories and we tell them in such a way that you see the fullness of the story, from deepest black through all the shades of grey to the brightest white light. 

We’ve been around a long time, over 25 years as The C2 Group. So we have experience – lots of it.  But now we’re 52 Watt Studios and we’re freshly birthed, looking out into a world full of amazing stories… Stories aching to be told, stories searching for the light – and we want to be there to catch them, sculpt them, raise them up and then release them to a world looking for messages of hope and redemption.

We’re a passionate group of visual artists willing to use our hands, minds and hearts to tell stories that engage, teach and inspire those who experience our work.   And that feels like a pretty good story to us... our story.


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Mike Seaton

Michael is the owner of 52 Watt Studios.  His primary passion has been storytelling through visual and auditory media. From film, to music, painting, writing and set design.  Early in his career Michael embraced the philosophy of grounding strong visual messaging with an equally strong technical backbone.  Michael hopes his legacy will be one of giving his team the freedom and tools to be creative builders of structurally sound visual media solutions for our customers.

Chad Gast

Chad has a wealth of artistic and creative experience.  Over 15 years focused on fine art and graphic design and 12 years in the video post-production realm.  At 52 Watt Studios, Chad specializes in 2D/3D motion graphics development, visual storytelling, creative leadership, project management and client relationship development.  As a detail oriented and creative personality Chad is well equipped to guide the postproduction team's workflow from project inception to delivery.  Chad received an Associates degree in fine arts with a focus on illustration and painting and graduated at the top of his class from Kendall College of Art and Design with a Bachelors degree in visual communication.  Chad is very passionate about his faith, family, classic muscle cars, guitars and music. 

Katie Troupe

Katie has over ten years of experience as a video editor.  She is very good at marrying her incredible focus and lock-down attention to detail to a love of storytelling.  She received her degree in Film & Video Production with an emphasis in film editing from Grand Valley State University and was the film student of the year prior to her graduation.   At 52 Watt Studios she sculpts videos from rough cuts to finished pieces, programs DVD’s, is a QA queen, and keeps the boys in line.  Outside of work she can be found volunteering with students through the GVSU Film Alumni Board, walking her Bichon pups, and spending time with her husband and their church small group.

Chad Seeber

Chad Seeber is a fine artist and a seasoned Project Manager with over 20 years experience in project and special event management as well as set design and art direction.  The formative years of Chad’s career were spent producing multi-media church services and serving as staff Art Director for several large area churches.  At 52 Watt Studios Chad is tasked with managing the complex details and production minutia that can mean the difference between a successful shoot and windshield full of dead bugs.  He is usually the first person you encounter when you begin a project; a constant companion through the process and a friend by the time the project is done.  Chad’s love for the arts, management experience and equal love of story telling make him an invaluable part of our team. 

Jon Cairns

Jon has been fortunate enough to travel nationally and internationally for the past 20 years, capturing stories that engage and entertain.  Blending technical understanding with an artistic eye Jon has shot on everything from 35mm film to 4K.  Jon enjoys the opportunity to have an up close look at life through the camera lens, whether it’s in a place that he’s never been or in his own backyard.  Jon’s also an accomplished editor with a strong technical understanding and love and eye for the art of storytelling.  Whether it’s editing, color correction or sound design, Jon uses his technical expertise to bring even the smallest story details to life.  An east coast born and bred guy, Jon is trying to bring some Bostonian “swaggah” to 52 Watt Studios.

Tammy Nelson

Tammy is the newest member of the 52 Watt team.  As our part-time bookkeeper she’s responsible for all financial and administrative interaction with our customers.  She’s a detailed, thorough and friendly. A good combination!  She has been a stay at home mom for the past 14 years but has been kept quite busy with her husband and their four children.  She is very involved at her children’s schools and also helps out at her church when needed.  In her spare time, she loves reading, camping, and spending time with her family and friends. 

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